Solve WordPress website is redirected to, and others.

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The WordPress website is redirected to, and others.

You are a wordpress admin, you may be confused with the strange problems on your WordPress website.

Often when accessing the website, we are transferred to a page that is unfamiliar to us.

I also recently faced this problem, to solve this problem I tried to find references to solve this problem, switching to foreign pages is certainly very disturbing and detrimental, our users or website visitors do not get the information they want them to get from our website, as a website owner, we are very disadvantaged because visitors automatically reduce and have an impact on AdSense earning.

I need a few days to solve this problem, many searches on Google say the problem is caused by viruses or malware on the computer, many anti malware software is offered, I try to install and scan with these software, but the results are nil.

These software do not solve the redirect problem to the page,

Finally I tried to see the code one by one on my wordpress website, the first script that must be checked is the themes / namathemes / header.PHP and themes / namathemes / footer.php.

I have a website file that has been backed up before this problem occurs, I also opened the PHP header from my previous backup, then I compared the PHP header that is currently active.

I found a JS script code that doesn’t exist in the old php file, the script that I mean:

Backup script, there is no redirect problem

PHP header script when redirect problem

The picture above seems to have a code that requests JS scripts in the domain, suspicious of the code I copied the link in the new Tab browser, the result is

The picture above is a display of the link, it looks the same as the form captcha page of my WordPress website when it is diverted, meaning my suspicion is correct and the source of this problem is a script embedded in the PHP header section.

Then the question arises, where did the code come from? Even though in my backup file the code doesn’t exist, why suddenly it appears?

Maybe the answer is that I often try to plug in plug-ins, maybe there are certain scripts in the plugin to create a back door to break into website security.

How to Overcome the WordPress Website is redirected to, and others.

The first step I took was to delete the scritpt / code embedded in the PHP header.
Furthermore, removing the unused plug-ins and plug-ins comes from trusted developers.
Change the admin password with a complicated combination.
Change the cpanel hosting password

Likewise, the way I face the problems of the WordPress website is redirected to, and others.

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